Bruce Wayne

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Bruce Wayne




February 19/New York

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6'0/195 lbs



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Bruce is the stereotypical athletic rich kid. He's the captain of the varsity lacrosse team, and is on the water polo team. However, he doesn't seem to get along very well with the other jocks in his school. He gets fairly decent grades, and pays off any teacher who's class he isn't fairing well in. He has lived with his butler and legal guardian, Albert Pennyworth, since his parent's death when he was eight years old.

Personality Edit

Cocky to a fault and quick to put down others, Bruce has a reputation for being a jerk. He does show compassion and a vulnerable side from time to time, but it's usually quickly replaced with his arrogant front. He tends to get along better with the Juvie crowd, and is known for spending his money on ridiculous things to amuse the group, such as a golf cart or spud gun.


When he's on the outs with the delinquent crowd, he'll fall back on underclassmen Tim Drake. Bruce has an almost forced friendship with Tim, dragging him along on outings or showing up unannounced. Whether Tim actually enjoys spending time with Bruce or he just has a problem saying "no" is unclear.

Bruce has a special relationship with Wade Wilson. Wade genuinely loves to harass and embarrass him, and if he can do it in public, all the better. The entire school still brings up the infamous prom night crotch grab, much to Bruce's chagrin. Wade also christened him with the nickname "Brucie."

Romantically, Bruce has been pursuing Selina Kyle for quite some time. She seems to be attracted to Bruce and enjoys his company from time to time, but so far, no actual relationship has come from it. Bruce harbors a secret crush on Laurie Blake, but hides it behind insults, most commonly about her rumored male genitalia. Bruce is also one of the many, many males who have slept with Harleen Quinzel.

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Bruce is a Caracal. FINISH